I've received a lot of positive comments about the photos of this Website and I wish to thank all of you who spent some time to write his notes and show his own appreciation. I often wonder what specimen and also what photo can be considered "the best" in my collection, but in spite of some reasonable preference, I was never able to identify any well-defined favourite... This collection is a part my life: it has grown up with me during the last 30 years and I really love all my minerals in the same way. For this reason, I think it is a good idea to get the opinions of my guests from all over the world...
Thus, I announce to all of you an original Prize Competition, where you have simply to vote "the best" mineral/photo in a defined group of 45 specimens. The competition consists of three subsequent rounds (changed weekly, in order to have time to vote your favourites); at the end of such a preliminary phase, the first 15 selected specimens will run off a final round, where the best specimen and the best photo will be identified. I'll draw 3 winners among all the participants and will send to them (for free) the 3 collectible specimens you can see by clicking the Prizes button below.

Your task is very simple: you just have to express your preferences within the following rounds, by spending some minute to see the specimens and the photos and to vote your favourite through the corresponding checkbox. Furthermore, the winning photo will be made available to all of you in the Wallpaper section, at the highest resolution: 4288 x 2848 pixels!
Before starting, I recommend to write your Email in the appropriate textbox (you'll find in the "Round 1"page, see above), because I have to store all the partecipants, to identify the winners by a random choice and to contact them to send the prizes.

Have fun and... good luck!